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Are you Looking to Rent a Car in Jeddah on a Monthly Basis?

Are you looking to rent a car in Jeddah on a monthly basis?

It's a place that connects to Tabeyat City and is a gateway of pilgrimage to the Islamic Holy Sites: Mecca & Madina.

Besides, it is a cosmopolitan hub. And one of the much-needed facilities for a tourist and a traveler in Jeddah has is hotels.

So if you happen to be in the town, grab the pass and rest in a hotel to dust off your stress.

Easily hire a monthly car rental from there for 1 month to 12 months, as long as you like between the mentioned duration.

You can start by putting your details into the search bar and hit the search button. Or you can download the Finalrentals Application.

After putting in the details, you will come across the rental car collection. Scroll and select the one that resonates and go on about your business!

Monthly best Offers

Chevrolet Spark or similar
SAR 2339.42 per month
SAR 1901.97 per month
Dodge Neon Or Similar
SAR 3007.78 per month
SAR 2445.35 per month
Hyundai Accent or similar
SAR 3126.72 per month
SAR 2542.05 per month
Nissan Sunny or similar
SAR 3152.29 per month
SAR 2562.84 per month
Toyota Corolla or similar
SAR 3497.90 per month
SAR 2843.82 per month
Hyundai Elantra or similar
SAR 3742.77 per month
SAR 3042.90 per month
Ford Ecosport Or Similar
SAR 5012.83 per month
SAR 4075.47 per month
Chevrolet Captiva Or Similar
SAR 5260.80 per month
SAR 4277.07 per month
GAC GS4 Or Similar
SAR 5569.59 per month
SAR 4528.13 per month
Chevrolet Malibu or similar
SAR 6714.51 per month
SAR 5458.95 per month
Toyota Camry or similar
SAR 6822.61 per month
SAR 5546.84 per month
Jeep Compass Or Similar
SAR 7574.65 per month
SAR 6158.25 per month
Ford Taurus Or Similar
SAR 9356.92 per month
SAR 7607.25 per month
Hyundai H1 Or Similar
SAR 9564.98 per month
SAR 7776.41 per month
Dodge Charger or similar
SAR 12531.68 per month
SAR 10188.36 per month
Chevrolet Tahoe or similar
SAR 21721.61 per month
SAR 17659.85 per month