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Why Choose Finalrentals to Rent a Car Monthly in Saudi Arabia?

Are you among those who actively seek to save time?

That is exactly what we help people with, we help them save their time.

How do we do that? By connecting you to the various monthly car rental companies across the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.

All you need to do is either use the bar that you can see on the upper side, or download the Finalrentals Application to make things handier.

The process is not different in either of those.

You start by entering the specifications and end by leaving the rest to us!

Enjoy the liberty to choose from a wide collection of cars from Finalrentals. You can now rent a car monthly in Saudi Arabia and in various locations across the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia from rental car companies in KSA.

This is why we connect you to multiple rental car companies through a single site. That's how we let you save your time, energy, and internet Mbps.

This is how your need to jump off 7 different websites to hire 1 rental car is boiled down because you can find a scrollable rental car collection in one place.

You can choose from many options from our monthly rental car collection once you are done setting your preferences.

To do that, you can start off by using the bar at the top of this page. Once you are done setting the preferences, hit the Search Button.

You will enter a scrollable monthly car rental collection after that. Keep scrolling till you find the one that you like, and hit the Book Now button to notify us as well.

And lastly, we also have a free cancellation policy (Terms & Conditions Apply). So when you change your mind, you don't necessarily have to pay a cost for it.

So, looking for a monthly car rental in Saudi Arabia?

What are the rates for Monthly Car Rental in Saudia Arabia?

You can hire Chevrolet Spark or similar for SAR 1901.97 per month in Saudia Arabia.

Rent a Car Starting from AR 1901.97 Per Month

Know that Renting a monthly car rental in Saudia is pretty cheap. You can actually save by hiring car rental services from Finalrentals in Saudia!

Cancel Your Rental Car For Free!

You don't have to pay any cost for changing your mind!

So, how does it sound to you?

Well, you cannot only rent a car monthly in Saudia Arabia with Finalrentals but you can also cancel your rental car and change your mind for free.

So, just like you told us you like by clicking on the Book Now button. Similarly, you can tell us about how your plans have changed by clicking on the 'Cancel' button.

You can even cancel your registration even when you have the car with you.

The only difference it is going to make is that you are going to be charged on a pro-rata basis.

Don't worry, here's a solution. Reserve your car 24 hours before pick-up and take advantage of cancelling your rental car within that time frame.

So, looking to car rental Saudia Arabia monthly?

Monthly Car Rental in KSA FAQs:

1.      How much does a monthly car rental cost in Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia, the average cost of a car rental is $1,342 per month or $45 per day. However, always remember that the cost of your car rental in Saudi Arabia always depends on the type of car you rent and how long you rent that car for.

2.      Using a US driver's license in Saudi Arabia

For up to three months, you can drive a car in Saudi Arabia with an international driving permit and some national licenses; after that, you'll require a Saudi permit. There are several licenses that can be converted to a Saudi license without a driving test, such as those in the UK and the US. However, if you plan on booking a car rental in Saudi Arabia your International Driver’s Permit is necessary then.

3.      If I return my rental car early, will I receive a refund?

Yes. You can return a car rental in Saudi Arabia early, but the terms and conditions outlined in your rental agreement will determine whether you will receive any refund or possibly face penalties for the early return.

4.      Can my car rental period get extended?

If you've decided to extend your car rental period (for example, if your rental has expired and you need to keep it for another week), you can do so. However, you might be allowed to keep the same vehicle, but if it's not, you'll have the choice of returning your car as intended and picking up another one.