Are You Looking to Rent a Car in Riyadh?

Rent a Car in Riyadh - About Riyadh:

Looking to cheap rent a car in Riyadh?

Riyadh is a financial hub of Saudia along with being the capital city. This is why you can find business district landmarks in Riyadh.

However, what's particularly interesting with regards to traveling is the King Khaled Airport. The airport is 35 km north of the city and you can find bug shopping areas there.

The shopping areas are in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of King Khaled Airport.

But, it is more important for you to know that Riyadh is a city of cars.

It means that you must have a car to travel to and in Riyadh itself.

So, do you have one? If you don't, then it's time to rent a car in Riyadh!

Features of Riyadh:

Financial Hub of Saudia.
Capital City.
King Khaled Airport is 35 km north of the city.
Fairly Spacious Shopping Areas in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
A Car Oriented City.
Places in Riyadh:
Al Masmak Fortress.
Souq al Zal.
Riyadh Park Mall.
Najd Village.
King Fahd International Stadium.

How to Rent a Car in Riyadh?

Do you want a car rental in Riyadh?

Well, there are two ways to do that and both of them are as easy as cutting a cake.

We'll start off by filling in the required specifics in the bar above and you'll be shown a car collection shortly.

Then you can start scrolling down the car collection until you come across the one you love.

Things are no different you are trying to rent a car in Riyadh through the Finalrentals Application except for the facts that are a little handier.

Prices are kept transparent and made clear along with the car tags attached to each car. That makes the collection skimmable!

What Documents are Required to Car Rent Riyadh?

For Nationals and Residents

Driving License & ID
Copy of Residence Visa
Passport Copy
Valid Credit Card (for the security deposit).

And if you are a tourist looking to rent a car in Riyadh, then you will need the following documents:

Tourists and Foreign Visitors

Original Passport and Copy
Tourist Visa Copy
International Driving License
License Issued from Home Country
Valid Credit Card (for security deposit)

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