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Looking to Rent a Car in Dammam on a Weekly Basis?

Wanna weekly car rental in Dammam?

It's the sixth most populous city in Saudia Arabia and a modern metropolis.

Besides being the capital of the eastern province as well, it is known for its lush green parks and airy waterfronts.

Sounds like you're gonna have a good time?

You can really go on about exploring the city once you rent a car in Dammam on a weekly basis.

Enjoy your week's visits and trips by hiring weekly car rentals in Dammam.

You can start by setting the time, date, and location. After that, hit the Search Button.

Or you can also consider downloading the Finalrentals Application to make things harder and interactive.

Once you enter the scrollable rental car collection, select and book the rental car that you like and leave the delivery to us!

Weekly best Offers

Chevrolet Spark or similar
SAR 974.48 per week
SAR 792.26 per week
Nissan Sunny or similar
SAR 1066.78 per week
SAR 867.30 per week
Hyundai Accent or similar
SAR 1198.05 per week
SAR 974.02 per week
Ford Ecosport Or Similar
SAR 1395.04 per week
SAR 1134.18 per week
Toyota Corolla or similar
SAR 1415.47 per week
SAR 1150.79 per week
Hyundai Elantra or similar
SAR 1444.22 per week
SAR 1174.16 per week
GAC GS4 Or Similar
SAR 1559.12 per week
SAR 1267.58 per week
Chevrolet Captiva Or Similar
SAR 2051.47 per week
SAR 1667.86 per week
Toyota Camry or similar
SAR 2407.03 per week
SAR 1956.94 per week
Jeep Compass Or Similar
SAR 2489.12 per week
SAR 2023.68 per week
Dodge Charger or similar
SAR 3118.25 per week
SAR 2535.16 per week
Ford Taurus Or Similar
SAR 3200.25 per week
SAR 2601.83 per week
Hyundai H1 Or Similar
SAR 3282.33 per week
SAR 2668.56 per week
Chevrolet Tahoe or similar
SAR 7254.91 per week
SAR 5898.30 per week
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