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Why Choose Finalrentals For Weekly Car Rental Saudi Arabia?

Do you like jumping off several websites just to find just One rental car?

Since it’s a very bad idea, we will assume that you are smart enough to hate wasting your time.

This is exactly where we bridge the gap. We connect you to various rental car companies in Saudia Arabia.

This is how you don't have to keep jumping off several websites to find One rental car.

Two Quick Ways To Hire Weekly Car Rental Saudi Arabia:

All you need to do is either use the bar on the top of this website or download the Finalrentals Application.

Afterward, you can enjoy Monthly or Weekly Rent a car in Saudi Arabia or in any of the 8 cities we cover.

The process is not different in any of those options.

You can start off by entering the specifications and end by leaving the rest to us!

Weekly best Offers

Chevrolet Spark or similar
SAR 974.48 per week
SAR 792.26 per week
Nissan Sunny or similar
SAR 1066.78 per week
SAR 867.30 per week
Hyundai i-10 or Similar
SAR 1140.83 per week
SAR 927.50 per week
Suzuki Dzire or Similar
SAR 1140.83 per week
SAR 927.50 per week
Kia Pegas or similar
SAR 1177.33 per week
SAR 957.18 per week
Suzuki Baleno Or Similar
SAR 1195.58 per week
SAR 972.02 per week
Hyundai Accent or similar
SAR 1198.05 per week
SAR 974.02 per week
Toyota Yaris or similar
SAR 1323.36 per week
SAR 1075.90 per week
Ford Ecosport Or Similar
SAR 1395.04 per week
SAR 1134.18 per week
Toyota Corolla or similar
SAR 1415.47 per week
SAR 1150.79 per week
Hyundai Elantra or similar
SAR 1444.22 per week
SAR 1174.16 per week
Kia Rio Or Similar
SAR 1487.64 per week
SAR 1209.46 per week
GAC GS4 Or Similar
SAR 1559.12 per week
SAR 1267.58 per week
Kia Cerato or similar
SAR 1606.28 per week
SAR 1305.92 per week
Hyundai Creta or similar
SAR 1889.21 per week
SAR 1535.94 per week
Nissan Kicks or similar
SAR 1934.84 per week
SAR 1573.04 per week
Toyota Camry or similar
SAR 2407.03 per week
SAR 1956.94 per week
Mazda 6 or similar
SAR 2564.57 per week
SAR 2085.02 per week
Kia Sportage Or Similar
SAR 2756.23 per week
SAR 2240.84 per week
Chevrolet Malibu or similar
SAR 2756.23 per week
SAR 2240.84 per week
Dodge Charger or similar
SAR 3118.25 per week
SAR 2535.16 per week
Ford Taurus Or Similar
SAR 3200.25 per week
SAR 2601.83 per week
Audi A6 or similar
SAR 7063.99 per week
SAR 5743.08 per week
BMW 5 or similar
SAR 7219.14 per week
SAR 5869.22 per week
Chevrolet Tahoe or similar
SAR 8004.03 per week
SAR 6507.34 per week
Chevrolet Suburban Or Similar
SAR 8004.03 per week
SAR 6507.34 per week
Mercedes S450 Or Similar
SAR 31030.44 per week
SAR 25228.00 per week

Experience Freedom. Scroll down our rental car collection that is made available at Finalrentals. Enjoy from Weekly Car Rental Saudi Arabia to monthly services at any time of the year!

This is the reason why we connect you to various rental car companies through a single site. This is how we make you enjoy saving time, energy, and unnecessary efforts.

Hence, your "need" to jump off several websites across the internet to find One rental car is cut down. You can simply find a scrollable rental car collection in one place.

Whether it's for Cheap Car rental Saudi Arabia is weekly or monthly and for any of the 8 cities that Finalrentals facilitate, including Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Mecca, Taif, Jizan, Abha, and Yanbu.

You can step into our scrollable rental car collection once you are done setting your preferences.

To set your preferences, you can use the bar that's clinging on the top of the page. Once you are done, hit the Search Button.

Afterward, you will enter a scrollable rental car collection. Keep scrolling till you find the one that you like. Hit the Book Now button to notify us too!

And lastly, we support you with a free cancellation policy (Terms & Conditions Apply). So when you change your mind, you don't have to pay any cost for it.

So, looking to weekly car rental in Saudia Arabia?

Whether It’s Weekly Car Rental Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, or Dammam, You Can Cancel Your Rental Car For Free!

Why should you pay any cost for changing your mind?

That is what we think when we talk about the cancellation.

You cannot only Weekly car rental in Saudia Arabia with Finalrentals, but you can also cancel your rental car order and change your mind for free!

You can just tell us that you have changed your mind as easily as you did when you booked it. Just hit the 'Cancel' button.

You can even cancel your registration even when you have the rental car with you.

The only difference that it's going to make is that you will be charged on a pro-rata basis.

But, you don't need to shed a tear. Here's the solution: Reserve your car 24 hours before pick-up and take advantage of canceling your rental car for free within that time frame.

So, looking to hire Weekly Car Rental in Saudi Arabia?

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