Saudi Arabia Entertainment: Where and what to eat in Saudi Arabia

February 7th 2023 in Guides
Saudi Arabia Entertainment: Where and what to eat in Saudi Arabia

Renting a car gives you the oppurtunity to explore the city and savor Saudi Arabia's mouthwatering dishes. The cuisine varies from province to province, although some dishes are found across the Kingdom. A typical Saudi meal is a blend of wheat, rice, milk, chicken or lamb, dates, yoghurt, potatoes, delicately flavoured with rich aromatic spices. Islamic dietary laws forbid the eating of pork and the drinking of alcoholic beverages. This law is enforced throughout Saudi Arabia. According to Islamic law, animals must be butchered in a halal way and blessed before they can be eaten. According to the Saudi Arabian cultural mission, "guests are served hot coffee and dates as a symbol of generosity and hospitality. Are you ready to rent a car and dig in to these meals?


Al Nakheel

Jeddah locals try to keep the traditional Middle Eastern fare at Al Nakheel for themselves. Dishes include traditional food, barbecued meats and shrimp, and locally caught najel (or Red Sea grouper). Slouch on a low-slung sofa with the rippling waves in the background and watch football on the big screen or huddle around a fire-pit on cooler evenings while sampling the shisha. Try their Tawook grilled to perfection when you drive over to Al Nakheel!



Located in Qasr Al Sharq Hotel is the perfect spot if you are looking for the best Italian, Mediterranean and  European cuisine. An added bonus is its  beautiful, classy, sophisticated architecture with a great view, facing Jeddah’s Corniche and the Red Sea. They have vegetarian friendly, vegan Options, halal,and gluten free options as well. Ready to drive over to Aromi and try their moutwatering desserts?


Abu Zaid 

If you are looking for a quick bite of  traditional Arab food, this restaurant is for you.  Their famous Masoub which consists of a mix of bread and banana will fill you up and satisfy your tastebuds. Their menu won’t break your bank too! Abu Zaid is located in Al Shoqiyah, near Aryana restaurant, Makkah.


Em Sherif Jeddah

A Lebanese, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurant that will take your adventure to the next level. The fantastic food comes with an extremely sophisticated ambience, table setting and service. They do not serve food through the menu. They have a fixed price for each person which includes hot appetizers, cold appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Em Sherif Jeddah restaurant is considered one of the luxury and finest restaurants in Jeddah so you have to experience it before you fly out. 


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