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The Finalrentals Saudi Arabia Story


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a place of huge natural diversity with a large portion of the population foreign residents. Though the country sees very little rain, the weather can reach a staggering 44 degrees in the Summer, but still drop to below freezing come winter.


Finalrentals Saudi Arabia invites you to embark on a discovery of the modern and ancient, deep blue waters and vast desert landscapes amongst an intriguing culture.


We’re proud to have partners in this part of the world, allowing more people to visit this fascinating location.


Saudi Arabia’s History Is To Be Admired

Saudi Arabia’s history first dates back to 20,000 years ago when humans first lived off of the Arabian Peninsula as hunters. However, when the ice caps melted during the Ice Age, the area suddenly became incredibly dry and infertile, meaning wildlife vanished from the area.


Fast forward through history, and the Arabian Peninsula was the inbetween two great civilisations, the Nile River Valley and Mesopotamia. A crossroads of the ancient world, trade was constantly passing through what would become Saudi Arabia and helped the area’s development.


Come 610, Islam arrived in the region and has been around ever since. In the 18th century, the First Saudi State was born with the idea of restoring the pure teachings of Islam which brought much prosperity to the area. However, the Ottomans did not like this and flattened Diriyah, the former Saudi capital.


But, in the 19th century, the Al-Saud family regained political control and moved the capital to Riyadh. From here on in, Saudi Arabia grew from strength to strength and established itself as a modern Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia's Culture is Forever Changing

Saudi’s rich and extensive history is intrinsically linked to its modern-day culture. The capital, Riyadh, in particular, is home to some of the most outstanding heritage sites and fascinating galleries where you can learn all about the country’s past and present. 


Unsurprisingly, much of Saudi culture is rooted in Islam and Arab customs. These are ingrained from a young age. One thing their culture definitely promotes is generosity and hospitality. This is something we promote with Finalrentals Saudi Arabia, giving you a glimpse of that special Saudi welcome and hospitality as soon as you enter our offices.


When visiting, there will be friendly locals around you more than willing to sit over a coffee for a chat about Saudi Arabia and more.


Coffee is integral to Saudi customs, with its traditional preparation making it more rich in taste with lots of spices. Made with the Arabica bean, coffee goes hand in hand with hospitality in Saudi Arabia and will be the first thing you’re offered when entering a home. Coffee is an absolute must when in the country, so ensure you visit a cafe or two.


Currently, there is a large cultural shift happening in Saudi Arabia. It will be fascinating to see what customs prevail and if any new ones are formed over the next few years.


Try The Delicious Saudi Arabian Cuisine


Wherever you’re visiting, food is a huge part of your trip and Saudi Arabia is no different. The country is home to many traditional dishes that are well worth trying when in the country. 


Many consider the national dish of Saudi Arabia to be Kasba, an aromatic meal for all the senses. Made with basmati rice, meat rice and vegetables, the warming and filling delight can be found across the country.


Another delicacy of Saudi Arabia is Mutabbaq, which translates as ‘folded’. This pastry dish can be filled with a mixture of things, including cheese, meat, vegetables and more. Mutabbaq is a very popular street food, so it's likely you’ll stumble upon it when wandering around the fascinating sights.


Shakshouka is another must-try, even if it did originate in North Africa. A dish made with poached eggs in a rich tomato sauce, the meal is a testament to the blended heritages that make up Saudi Arabia’s history.


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