Looking to Rent a Car in Jizan on a Monthly Basis?

Wanna Monthly Car Rental in Jizan?

Jizan has moderate and dry weather from December to March.

Moreover, it's the keeper of the Saudi Heritage that runs 200 km along with the Red Sea Coast.

Besides, it’s equipped with beautiful water bodies and abundant in wildlife.

So the chances that you are going to enjoy Jizan are really high.

So, why not go about exploring the city and rent a car in Jizan?

You can start off by choosing the time, date, and location.

Or you can consider downloading the Finalrentals Application as well.

Once you enter the scrollable rental car collection, scroll and select the one you wish to go on with.

Monthly best Offers

Chevrolet Spark or similar
SAR 3373.14 per month
SAR 2742.39 per month
Nissan Sunny or similar
SAR 3692.79 per month
SAR 3002.27 per month
Hyundai Accent or similar
SAR 4147.26 per month
SAR 3371.76 per month
Ford Ecosport Or Similar
SAR 4828.79 per month
SAR 3925.85 per month
Toyota Corolla or similar
SAR 4899.69 per month
SAR 3983.49 per month
Hyundai Elantra or similar
SAR 4999.27 per month
SAR 4064.45 per month
GAC GS4 Or Similar
SAR 5396.79 per month
SAR 4387.64 per month
Toyota Camry or similar
SAR 8332.11 per month
SAR 6774.08 per month
Dodge Charger or similar
SAR 10793.97 per month
SAR 8775.59 per month
Ford Taurus Or Similar
SAR 11077.97 per month
SAR 9006.48 per month
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